"Your home may be one of the largest investments you'll ever make. To protect it, you need Title Insurance."
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Why You Need Title Insurance

Title insurance protects you against hidden hazards and human error or fraud that can cause problems in any real estate transaction.

When you purchase title insurance, a thorough title search is performed. Experienced title examiners review public documents found in the public records looking for a proper chain of title from one party to the next. Title defects could be looming from past title transfers. Your property is pledged as security for your mortgage loan, so your lender requires their interest be protected by a Mortgage Title Insurance Policy. However, that policy does not cover you from title defects, you need an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy. And most of the time that cost is paid for by the seller.

It's Your Choice Which Title Company You Use

The title company performs the search of documents relative to your property. They will examine recorded documents and prepare a commitment to insure the buyer and the lender. Most times they will conduct the closing transaction and handle all the required paperwork for the city, state and federal governments, as well as the lender and real estate agents. It’s very important to know to whom you are entrusting these important responsibilities. No one can demand that you use a certain title company. The law (RESPA) gives you the right to choose. Today, it’s very popular for other real estate professionals and lenders to have some type of “ownership” in an Affiliated title agency or some other type of joint investment. This affiliation is “loophole” creating a way to get around the illegality of a title company paying a referral fee to the real estate professional or lender’s business partner. So, if you are trusting the referral of someone else to a title agent...be sure to ask him/her whose best interest is being served, yours or theirs.

America’s One Title refuses to affiliate with any real estate professional or lender. We are an independent agent, locally owned and operated. If you are referred to our company you can be sure that referral is based on a solid relationship, built on high quality service and a professional working relationship...nothing else!

We encourage you to visit www.mailta.org to learn more about independent title agents and why they are a better choice for the consumer.

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Check Out These Helpful Videos... Learn About The Closing Process

   America’s One is one of our very most valuable partnerships. They deliver excellent service, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that a closing goes well. They are extremely accommodating, very efficient, and always friendly. It truly is a pleasure working with these guys.   

— Josh VanDyke, Loan Originator Churchill Mortgage

Title Services We Offer

Expanded Title Insurance

  • Homeowners Policy
  • Advantage Loan Policy

Standard Title Insurance

  • Owners Policy
  • Loan Policy

Specialty Products

  • Foreclosure Information (Lender)
  • Junior Loan Policy
  • Chain of Title
  • Listing Package
  • Title Search

Closing Services

  • No Mobile Closing Fees in Michigan
  • One Call Closings Anywhere, Anytime
  • Full Service Escrow
  • Short Sale Negotiation
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It's our way of saying thank you!

Anyone can enjoy the benefits and savings of the ONE Club. It was created to offer our clients and the community Discounts and Savings on things you need around your home. The ONE Club also offers FREE Gift Cards from local businesses and much more:

  • Discounts and Rebates
  • $50 Cash Card on Satellite TV
  • $275 Rebates on Home Security
  • 60% Off Closing Fees for Life

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